Chapter 1

Why Are You Building a Website?

Chapter 2

What is Your Website’s Target Audience?
Differentiate Yourself
Create an Ideal Customer
Be Realistic About the Market
Solve Your Customers’ Problems

Chapter 3

What Content Should Be on Your Website?
Standard Content
What Makes You Different and Special?
What Not to Include in Your Website
What Sort of Images Should I Use?
What Format Should My Images Be?
What Options Are There for Including Images?

Chapter 4

Should You Sell Online?
How Are You Going to Sell Your Items?
Using a Third-party Company
Embedding Buttons or a Cart in Your Site, but Processing Elsewhere (Offsite Processing)
Setting up a Full-service Cart System
What Should I Sell Online?
How Do I Describe My Products?
Terms and Conditions

Chapter 5

Should You Blog?
Blog Commenting

Chapter 6

How Should Your Page Look?
What Does “Design” Mean?
Flash Animation
Where and Why Should I Add Video Content?
Using YouTube

Chapter 7

How Should You Choose a Domain Name
and Host?
How Do I Choose a Domain Name?
How Do I Choose a Host?
Email Accounts

Chapter 8

How Will The Website Get Built?
Using an Online Point-and-Click Program
Learn a Web Design Software Program or Content Management System (CMS)
Hire a Web Designer or Web Development Company
How Do you Hire a Web Designer?

Chapter 9

How Will You Update the Website?
Do Your Own SEO
Unpleasant Reviews

Chapter 10

How Should I Advertise My Website?
Email Lists
How Do I Create a List?
How Do I Get People to Sign Up?
Don’t Be a Jerk!
Print Is Not Dead!

Chapter 11

Should You Use Social Media?
How Do I Sign Up?
Never Rely Solely on Third-Party Social Media

Chapter 12

What Happens When It Breaks?!
Who Do You Contact?
Browser, Device and Platform Compatibility

Chapter 13

What Web Security Do You Need?